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About Giving Tuesday, 2021 ...

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Giving Tuesday, 2021
initiated by the Emeritus e.Librarian

Giving Tuesday in 2021 is on November 30th: I am supporting The e.Lib, Inc. for #GivingTuesday. The recent donation of the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib, has us in need of help in obtaining replacement equipment and maintaining our Internet presence. Additionally, I have added Book Publishing and an On-line Study Groups application to the mix of Anthroposophically oriented, informational sites. Here is the link:



With servers in virtually every country, the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib is truly a World-wide presence for the Anthroposophical Movement. Whether you're a seasoned follower of the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner or someone coming here for the first time, this site will challenge your thinking and allow you to experience the world from a different point of view ... it's the same ... only different!

Start with The Basics (see the top of the left-hand menu) and then move on to other topics that may pique your interest. There are 28 books, hundreds of articles and essays, and over 6,700 lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the world. You'll find some good things to get going with the items below:

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Rudolf Steiner Audio

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Visit this site where you can find most written works by Steiner and many of his lecture series' available as free, MP3 audio book downloads. Selections are recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.


Read about Kindle at the Archive

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